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The Association of Dalhousie Retirees and Pensioners (ADRP) was formally established in the year 2000. Since then it has grown considerably. It is healthy, alive and kicking. Currently there are more than 540 retirees who have joined the Association. During this short period the Association has accomplished a lot. The details of the highlights are described below and include publication of the ADRP Newsletter and formation of a Retiree Benefits Advisory Committee

If you are a Dalhousie's retiree, or a Dalhousie employee over 55 years of age, we would very much like to have you join us. The annual fee is $20.00, which can be paid by automatic monthly deduction from your pension. We hope that you will find it rewarding and beneficial to join.


Some examples of what the Association has been able to accomplish in the past few years:


  Created and approved its By-Laws;
2.   Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the President of Dalhousie in 2003 which is being revised to better reflect ADRP-Dalhousie relations;
3.   Set up an office on the Dalhousie campus;
4. (a) Commenced lobbying of the AVP Human Resources to correct excess premiums charged over-65 retirees for Blue Cross. In September 2009 the premium rate was as a consequence amended. The accumulated surplus exceeding $700,000 was used to implement a premium holiday structured to benefit those who had overpaid in proportion to how long they had been subject to the excess premiums.
  (b) Participated in a DFA grievance to roll back greatly increased Blue Cross premiums for early retirees, and to recover for them roughly $200,000 paid before the rollback.
  (c) By agreement with Dalhousie administration set up a Retirees Benefit Advisory Committee (RBAC) to provide oversight of the retirees benefits plans. In 2014 this resulted in travel insurance being added as a benefit with attractive rates and provisions.
  (d) Lobbied the RTF trustees in 2013 and 2014 to consider catch-up indexation for Dal pensioners who had been without it for longest. In November 2014 the RTF trustees agreed to catch-up all indexation to 2010, a decision worth more than $12.5 million for the group of pensioners affected!


  Representation in the Pension Advisory of Dalhousie University:

Dalhousie University granted ADRP one representative (without vote) on the Pension Advisory Committee.
6.   Library Facilities:

Any retired faculty member can obtain Banner ID #. A retired faculty member with a BannerID # has access to the electronic journals. For clarification and any problem, contact the University Librarian,and or President, ADRP.
7.   ADRP  joined the College and University Retirees Associations of Canada (CURAC/ARUCC) CURAC as a Founder Member, and has contributed several members to positions on the national executive and committees.
8.   ADRP hosted the Inaugural Conference CURAC/ARUCC in May, 2003.
9.   ADRP founded the Seniors College Association of Nova Scotia (SCANS) which offers 8-10 classes per term, taught by retired faculty of Dalhousie and other institutions. SCANS operates with an independent board. For details see http://thescans.ca. 
10.   Founded the ADRP Bursary Fund in 2015
11.   Participated on the 2018 200th Anniversary Planning Committee, including the "Dal Originals" selection sub-committee.
12.   Were awarded hosting privileges for the 2018 CURAC Conference, and secured $7500 sponsorship from Dalhousie.



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