Communications Committee:

Editorial Policy

The ADRP intends to publish the Newsletter every three months.  It is hoped the Newsletter will serve the following purposes:

  • To provide pertinent information

  • To provide a forum for the free exchange of views on issues relevant to our Membership;

  • To serve as a documentary record of matters relating to the ADRP.

 The Editorial Board, under the ultimate direction of the ADRP Board, takes responsibility for the contents of the Newsletter.  Signed contributions will take the form of short articles and letters to the editor which will normally represent the opinions of the author and need not represent the views of the ADRP.  Anonymous material will not be considered for publication.  The Editorial Board retains the right to edit or reject contributed material and to elicit similar and opposing views surrounding any issue raised.

The Editors:

  • Denise Sommerfeld

  • Blanche Potter

The Editorial Board:

  • Denise Sommerfeld

  • Blanche Potter

  • Ex-officio

    • President, ADRP

    • Chair, ADRP Communications Committee

How to contact us?    

By phone:  902-494-7174
By e-mail:
By post: ADRP Office,
Room 2831 Life Sciences Centre,           Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S. B3J4J1




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