Important Messages/Announcements Relating to Current Events

  Pharmacare Program in Each Canadian Province - posted February 2016
  Dal Pensioners Combined Indexation Table, January 2016 courtesy Jeff Turnbull, Eckler Ltd  - posted December 2015

Dalhousie Retirees' Trust Fund Annual Report to Retirees as of June 2015  - posted November 2015

  Announcing Creation of the ADRP Student Bursary Fund  -  
    Pledge Form
    Donating Online to the ADRP Bursary Fund
  Nova Scotia's Dementia Strategy - posted June 2015
  Pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance  - posted November 2015
  Payment of Dues by Monthly Pension Deduction
  ADRP Newsletter, posted April 2016
  CURAC Newsletter - linked December 2015
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