Important Messages/Announcements Relating to Current Events

SMURA Talk Nov. 6 - "The Solitary Walker: Thoreau, Rousseau, and I"

Ease the Pain: Seniors Take Charge of Arthritis - Halifax, NS  Brochure

Taking the Pulse of Seniors’ Health Care in 2016 - posted October 2016

ADRP General Meeting

Thursday December 8th  University Hall, MacDonald Building
Meet & Greet: 1:30pm
Meeting: 2:00pm
Reception: 4:00pm - University Club

  Announcing Creation of the ADRP Student Bursary Fund  -  
    Pledge Form
    Donating Online to the ADRP Bursary Fund
  Payment of Dues by Monthly Pension Deduction
ADRP Newsletter, posted October 2016
bulletin de l’APR-UQAM, no 69, Septembre 2016
Newsletter of the Retirees’ Association of Queen’s
  CURAC Newsletter Fall 2016 - posted August 2016
Pensions Reports
and Articles
Benefits CURAC Research


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