• Facilitate and promote the dissemination of information of interest to DAL Retirees.
  • Enhance and promote the sense of continuing membership in the Dal retirees' family

Formal Objectives

  • to represent the interests of retirees from Dalhousie University, their spouses and beneficiaries;
  • to further the understanding of the retirement pension arrangements of Dalhousie University and of the post-retirement benefits available to former staff members of the University;
  • to cooperate with other groups that have similar objectives; and
  • provide a conduit for information, when necessary, between the university and retirees

Informal Objectives

  • to promote social interaction among its members;
  • to investigate and negotiate group benefits that a significant number of members may desire;
  • to provide information to its members about general and specific retirement issues; and
  • to pursue other issues as the membership directs.


Open to all Retirees from the University staff, non-academic and academic (active and adjunct), regardless of source of any remuneration. Membership is also open to surviving spouses and partners, whether or not they have worked at Dal. Associate membership is available to those within 5 years of retirement.

There is an annual fee for continuing membership.



Board Members are elected from the membership at the Annual General Body Meeting. The term of elected members is for one year.


President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary, as elected at the Annual General Meeting.

ADRP BOARD MEMBERSHIP (Executive Committee): President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary with other members as stated in the constitution.


There is an Annual General Meeting and further General Meetings as required at the call of the Board of Directors. Special Meetings may be called by the President, by a majority of Board or by at least ten Members of the Association.


  • Information Services
    • Newsletter, quarterly
    • Press notices concerning events
    • Retiree's handbook update, seminars, etc.
  • Social Events
    • Dinner, luncheons, receptions, picnics, etc.
  • Cultural Events
    • Lectures, displays, craft shows, travel tours
  • Other





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