Officers and Board of the Association

Contact ADRP: Email: Telephone: (902) 494-7174

The Board of Directors consists of the Officers, Members-at-Large and the Chairs of Standing Committees.


President Randy Barkhouse 434-8291
Immediate Past President Carolyn Savoy (deceased)  
Ist Vice President David Tindall  
2nd Vice President Richard Apostle  
3rd Vice President Paul Huber  
Secretary Phil O'Hara  
Treasurer Grace Paterson 422-2471

Board Members:

The Board consists of the officers and the following members-at-Large

John Barry
David Mercer
Heather Shellink Heather.Schellinck@Dal.Ca
Oriel MacLennan


Current Committees of the Association:

Benefits Peter Wallace 542-5391

Communications Joanne Clovis
Membership Colin Stuttard 429-0252
Pension Advisory Randy Barkhouse 434-8291

Current Sub-Committees of the Association:

Under the umbrella of the Communications Committee, there are a number of sub-committees as shown below:

  1. Newsletter Committee:  Joanne Clovis, Editor
    Details of
    Editorial Policy

  2. Web Master: Randy Barkhouse






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