Reports and Articles 
Oral Health
  Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is, 2011 - posted October 2014 
  Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS)  Improving Access to Oral Health Care, 2014 - posted October 2014   
General Links
  Planning End-of-Life Care - posted April 2018
  Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation's "Philanthropist" magazine - posted April 2018
  Aging:What to Expect - posted November 2017
  Advancing Quality of Life and Quality of Care for Seniors, - The CMA’s 15 recommendations for how seniors can remain active and engaged citizens of our communities.
  What is NAD+, Why Do you Need It, and How It Works - posted August  2017
  CURAC Bulletin - Seniors Mental Health - posted February 2017
  Pharmacare Program in Each Canadian Province - posted February 2016
  Report of the Special Joint Committee on Physician Assisted Dying - posted February 2016
  Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health- - posted July 2017
  McMaster Optimal Aging Portal- posted February 2016
  Integrating Long-Term Care into a Community-Based Continuum - posted February 2016
  Dos and Don'ts of end-of-life Planning - posted February 2016
  Strategy for Patient Oriented Research - posted February 2016
  VON Closes Operations in Six Provinces - posted December 2015 
  Pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance  - posted November 2015
  Future Care for Canadian Seniors - posted November 2015 
  Alzheimer Friendly Business Training - posted October 2015 
  IRPP Report on Designing a National Seniors Strategy for Canada - posted October 2015 
  Health Reforms Requires Citizens' Voice  - posted September 2015
  Nova Scotia's Dementia Strategy - posted June 2015
  Palliative Care Pioneer posted  May 2015
  A Look at Long Term Care in Nova Scotiaposted  March 2015

How We Age from "The Scientist" posted  March 2015

  Nova Scotia Palliative Care web site posted February 2015
  Nova Scotia Palliative Care Strategy Documentposted February 2015
  SCOC PAS Ruling, Palliative Care, and Related Issuesposted February 2015
  Canada's Technology for Aging Well Research Initiativeposted January 2015
  "We're the "Silver Tsunami" of the Health System -posted January 2015
  Canada's Longitudinal Study on Agingposted January 2015

First Report of the CLSA - May 2018 posted July 2018

  Plain Talk by Doctor Assists Patients at End-of-Lifeposted January 2015
  End-of-Life-Care Report by HQOposted December 2014
  Advice from Canadian Bankers Association on Financial Fraud and Abuse Preventionposted December 2014
  Seniors and Safety- posted October 2014 
  ADRP's founding President Tarun Ghose - "CCPA Monitor" - posted October 2014 
  End of Life Decisions in Wake of Supreme Court Ruling - posted September 2014
  Queen's U Gazette, Aug. 2014 - CMA Chief Vows Seniors' Care as Federal Ballot Issue - posted September 2014
  Quebec Study Raises Concern About Senior's Care - posted September 2014
  Third Annual ADRP Report to Dalhousie Board of Governors HR Committee, - posted June 2014
  Dangerous Drugs for Seniors in  Care - posted June 2014
  Sense of Purpose Adds Years to Your Life - posted May 2014
  Funeral Alternatives - posted May 2014
  Technology Monitors Seniors at Home - posted March 2014
  "Faces of Aging", a series of reports from the Institute for Research in Public Policy - posted March 2014
  Why Dalhousie was selected as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers for 2014 - ADRP!posted December 2013
  Seniors Financial Knowledge Survey Results - posted November 2013
  DFA Review of Dalhousie University Finances - posted April 2013
  Active Brain Keeps Dementia At Bay - posted July 2013
  Older women have brighter outlook, face more discrimination, than men - posted July 2013
  BBC Report on Aging Populations - Is there a home helper robot in your future? - posted April 2013
  BBC Report on Silver Stylistas  - Style to Age 102 - posted April 2013
  Seniors for Seniors - CBC Series of Reports on Aging Well - posted May 2013
  Report on the Sixth Atlantic CURAC Conference - October 2012
  The Merits of Emeriti: Providing Campus Community to Retired Faculty- posted October 2012
  Simon Fraser Retirees Winter Newsletter - posted December 2012
  Active Lifestyle Adds Six Years - posted August 2012
  Notice of Pension Tax Deduction Error - posted July 2012
  Dal Research - LIve Longer, Healthier, and Smarter - posted July 2012
  Exercise and the Ever Smarter Human Brain - posted December 2012
  First Annual ADRP Report to Dalhousie Board of Governors HR Committee, posted June 2012



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