ADRP Bursary Fund 

At its April 2015 AGM, the ADRP membership passed a motion to establish with Dalhousie a fund to pay bursaries to students in any undergraduate program in second year and above. 

Following discussions with the Development Office the ADRP Bursary Fund was established with an initial goal of $25,000 set after which payment of bursaries would commence. Spending from such funds is done at a rate of 4.25% annually which would provide $1100 in bursaries from the $25,000 target amount. It is hoped that the target will be reached by the time 200th anniversary celebrations at Dalhousie begin. 

An initial contribution of $10,000 was made by the Association with an invitation to individual members to also contribute. By the date of the 2016 AGM the fund had exceeded $17,000. At that AGM the members passed a further motion to contribute an amount of surplus of up to $2,000 matching new contributions made by members prior to June 30th. 

The Fund is open-ended. Contributions can be made after the initial target is reached.

Updates on the value of the fund are provided through the ADRP newsletter, and at general meetings of the Association.

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